With the big push for businesses to go green, Thoresby is continuously looking for ways to improve on green credentials and explore more ways to achieve energy efficiency goals.

Thoresby currently:

  • Have 2 solar farms in Edwinstowe/Ollerton and Budby with Budby boasting a 5MW installation on a 22 acre field
  • Use woodchip biomass boiler for heating and hot water at the Estate Office
  • Use woodchip biomass boiler to provide heating and hot water to a number of the Sherwood Hideaways lodges
  • Use a ground source heating system at the Almshouses
  • Have a woodchip supply business- Thoresby Woodfuels 
  • Use three EV charging points at the Estate Office for the 3 electric vehicles onsite
  • Are a supplier to the local anaerobic digester plants
  • Use liquid fertiliser
  • Making sure to use as many green initiatives as possible in the workplace that will make a difference!

Thoresby are looking at:

  • Wind turbines on land in Yorkshire
  • Use of paper bags in the courtyard for shops
  • Being able to recycle paper and plastic more efficiently across the whole estate
  • Using timbers Willow and Hazel more around the estate
  • The use of storage batteries
  • Ways to always improve sustainability further in the workplace