Lots of changes have been taking place at Thoresby over the last year or so, particularly with the arrival of the new Executive Director Harvey Glenn, leading the way for Thoresby, creating a bright and better future for all on the estate.

You may notice a couple of changes….

From more engaging social media posts, the planning of a children’s play area, a fabulous newly renovated estate office and a number of new events at Thoresby, to name a few.

A monthly newsletter to keep all our Thoresby followers up to date with everything that takes place at Thoresby was a big priority on the list, with some much happening at Thoresby, it’s sometimes hard to keep up!

The new newsletter will head out monthly to our subscribed followers via email, this newsletter includes events taking place that month specifically, a downloadable version on the events list for 2018 and any other interesting stories that has happened at Thoresby since sending the last newsletter.

We’re really excited for all our followers to be able to keep track with the fantastic progression here at Thoresby, we’ve got a lot in store and we can’t wait to be joined by you all to enjoy it!

So…if you didn’t receive the last newsletter (February), you can view it by clicking here or to receive monthly updates, subscribe to the newsletter here

Thank you for reading and thank you for being part of Thoresby