Thoresby Woodfuels is one of the estate’s commercial enterprises and provides woodchip biomass, logs and firewood for sale.  The estate is home to more than 700 hectares of mixed woodland, which falls into one of three main categories; commercial, landscape and amenity and nature conservation.  Thoresby’s own forestry team manages all the woodland and we are proud to have one of the largest concentrations of ancient oaks in the country – some of which are estimated to be more than 1,000 years old.

The estate’s commercial woods are grown and managed sustainably to produce a regular supply of timber for sawmills around the country. Trees are harvested according to a programme agreed with the Forestry Commission and once the final crop of quality timber is felled and extracted, the ground is made ready for the establishment of a new wood.

Thoresby Woodfuels is a member of the Biomass Suppliers List and we produce woodchip using our own Jenz 360 woodchipper for use in our own biomass boilers, as well as a number of local and national customers. The majority of our chip comes from natural thinnings from the Thoresby woodland.

We are always happy to answer questions on our woodfuels business, and show guests around our woods, processing site and biomass boilers.

Just contact Scott James (Tel: 07968 137128) or Ben Perry (Tel: 07854 355521) to arrange a visit