Built circa 1765, Thoresby’s Walled Garden is steeped in history and played an integral part of the lives of people who worked and lived at Thoresby.

When Ray and Linda Heywood of Echium World walked into Thoresby Courtyard back in 2017 and asked to see the Walled Garden, we never could have imagined how beautiful it looks now after LOTS of hard work, blood, sweat and tears from everyone involved!

The Walled Garden opened its doors for the first time in many years to the public on Sunday 6th May, visitors were able to walk the pebbled paths and explore the range of beautiful and exotic plants including the rare Echium, perch on the benches on the lovely grass and have a walking tour from Ray and Linda around the garden.

We’re looking forward to many more open days, find below when the garden will be open:

Garden Opening Times- 10 – 4pm

Thursdays & Sundays from 6th May -17th June

Thursdays & Sundays from 22nd July – 27th August

Bank Holidays-
Monday 27th August

A tour and talk- ‘A potted history of Thoresby Walled Garden’ is available for group bookings.

If you are interested in being part of our historic restoration of the Walled Garden, either in the form of works or a future use within the garden then please contact Ben Perry on 01623 822301 or ben.perry@thoresby.com

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