Thank you Christine and enjoy your retirement!


Christine Boyle, Thoresby & Kneesall’s Estate Secretary for over 18 years, celebrated with two table’s worth of present and former colleagues to say ‘farewell’ after working for Thoresby throughout the 21st Century.

Lunching in the Boathouse at Farndon, near her home, we heard that she joined Lincoln City Council straight from school as a junior clerk in the School Health Department. She helped the doctors with the national immunisation programmes and monitored the general health of the children throughout the County. At the gritty level this meant using a special comb to search the children’s hair to find the nits. She excluded the worst cases from school.


After rising through the department to be appointed the youngest ever Personal Secretary to the Chief Executive, she spent nearly twenty years as P.A. to the Director of Housing and Environmental Health. From that wide social responsibility she switched abruptly to work with the private client department of Savills, the land agents, on the other side of town. While with Savills she sold the Boots plc. farms at Thurgarton to Thoresby and when, shortly after, a vacancy as P.A. to the agent, Rowan McFerran, was advertised she moved to the estate office as the third and last, employer of her career.

At Thoresby, from 1999, Christine was the hub of the office trying to make it efficient, while struggling with poor broadband and other constraints of the supposed technological revolution. That she kept tabs on the diaries and work flow of both Rowan McFerran and later Nick Brown, while answering enquiries from farm and house tenants, curious researchers from universities and recently, organising two major family funerals, all with the minimum of fluster, is testimony to the quality of her training which had began by searching for those pesky nits.

Thank you Christine for all your great support and work over the years.  We all appreciate everything that you have done here, will miss you and wish you a happy retirement!