Throughout the year, along with our Open Exhibition and other gallery external artist exhibitions, Thoresby Gallery displays the wonderful artwork of Marie-Louise Roosevelt Pierrepont- Countess Manvers, each time displaying a different collection of pieces.

Lady Manvers passed on all of her artwork, including sketch books from when she was a budding artist at the age of 7, to her daughter Lady Rozelle Raynes before she died and Thoresby acquired the collection of artwork in 2009.

Due to the size of Lady Manvers collection of artwork and when The Stonebridge Trust who runs the courtyard at Thoresby, most piece have never been seen or on show.

The current collection, ‘The Portraits’ is due to be taken down on Monday 8th January so that essential building maintenance work can take place in the gallery.

Sunday 7th January is your last chance to see ‘The Portraits’ exhibition, details on when the next Lady Manvers exhibition will be announced throughout the year. Make a trip to Thoresby before it’s gone.