Thoresby Art

Winners’ Exhibition
All of June
11am-4pm (except Mondays)
Thoresby’s Pierrepont Gallery

The Thoresby Open Exhibition runs in September, it offers local artists an opportunity to exhibit, show and sell work creating a rare chance for the public to celebrate new work. The two runners-up of the Open Exhibition, win a shared exhibition space in 2018 called the Winners’ Exhibition.

Thoresby’s Connection to Arts developed when the late Lady Rozelle Raynes opened the Gallery to celebrate her Mother’s life work and that of other local artists.

This winners’ exhibition is an excellent example of local artists who have never exhibited before creating new works for the community to come and enjoy. Exhibiting in the Winners’ Exhibition this year is Chelsie Jolliffe and Sandy Bartle, we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

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