Thoresby Spring Watch
Mon 19th-Sun 25th February 2018
Thoresby Park

Playing outside is a blast so come to Thoresby in your school holidays, bring along your family and friends and have an adventure!

Collect your fantastic ‘Thoresby Spring Watch’ activity booklet which comes with a pack of colourful crayons, for free!

Inside the booklet is a number of fun activities you can do at Thoresby Park including becoming a fungi detective, putting your wildlife tracking skills to the test, bird spotting bingo and collecting Thoresby materials to build your own Bug Hotel.

So grab your wellies and your scooter and visit the courtyard’s visitor centre to collect your booklet and crayons, we’re open from 10am until 4.30pm from Monday 19th to Sunday 25th February!

Thoresby encourages plenty of play and lots of discovering, so tell your parents and guardians about Thoresby Spring Watch- fun for all ages!

And if you’re interested in what else there is to do at Thoresby in the school holidays, see how many things you can tick off this list:

• Play pooh sticks over stone bridge, who won?

• Bring your kite and explore what happens when you run with it on a windy day!

• Find a fascinating looking tree, we know there’s a few odd looking ones on the park! What signs of Spring can you see on the tree, are there buds bursting open?

• Collect a favourite pebble on a walk & turn it into a Pebble friend!

• Go on a worm hunt, find them before a hungry bird does!

• Find a den in Thoresby woods or create your own and play hide and seek!

• Come bird spotting, which birds can your see or hear, can you recreate the sound?

• Go puddle jumping… & encourage the adults to join in too!

Let us know how you get on, send us a picture, tag Thoresby Park, hashtag #ThoresbyPark– we’d love to see how you got on!!

Great Experiences………………Made by Thoresby