Free Family Photo Walk
Monday 29th October (Half Term)
3 slots starting 10am, 11.30am & 1pm
Thoresby Park

The walks are for families with young children and/or teenagers. Parents will have chance to pick up on ideas from the walk leader Di Fisher (The Photo Den CIC) on how to guide their children to view the world, quite literally, from a different angle. It is hoped that it will encourage children to explore and look more closely at their environment, as well as take some lovely photos!. These are great life skills to invest in for the future.

Please book your place – family photo walks are limited to 6 family groups of 2 – 6 people so each family has a chance to get some real benefit. Enquiries – please contact Thoresby Park on or call 01623 822009

If you arrive 10 minutes early, it will help to ensure a prompt start at 11am from the Courtyard.

Walks will start and finish at The Courtyard, and all cameras are welcome, mobile phones included.

Book and select your date by visiting the website here or book direct with Thoresby by calling 01623 822009 or email