Saturday 9th December
Thoresby Courtyard

What could me more Christmas’y than sipping a hot chocolate in Thoresby’s beautiful courtyard, listening to the wondeful sounds of Christmas songs?

On Saturday 9th December, we’re very lucky to be joined by the first section Blidworth Welfare Band as they’ll be performing in the courtyard for all of Thoresby’s visitors.

Members of the Blidworth Welfare Band will be performing from 11am, with a quick break for a cuppa, finishing at 1.30pm before our Oddsocks performance of The Wizard of Oz which is taking place in the Riding Hall Theatre at 2pm.

If you are joining us on Saturday 9th December, make sure you do come along and enjoy Blidworth’s beautiful music, it’s one Christmas festivity not to missed!

If you would like more information about the band, please visit their website

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