Thoresby Walled Garden - Echium World

Built circa 1765, Thoresby’s Walled Garden is steeped in history and played an integral part of the lives of people who worked and lived at Thoresby.

Now, with Echium World finding natural advantage from the high, sun facing walls, ambitious plans to revive and rebuild the Gardens are poised on the verge of a new era, with public access, the outhouses rebuilt and re purposed and a revival of the activity and energy which has filled the site for 250 years.

Thoresby is working to restore the Walled Garden to its former glory for all to see.

Here’s what Echium World have been up to since receiving the keys!



March 21st- Peach planting took place, once a plenty in the Walled Garden in the 1800’s

March 12th- Turf delivery expected at the Walled Garden which was then #rainedoff

March 7th- Heritage roses are planted in the Walled Garden

March 2nd- The snow arrives at Thoresby and the Echium team cross their fingers and toes for survival!

February 27th- Inspired by the Winter Olympics, Team Echium created a new winter sport clearing snow from their polytunnel in the ‘Beast from the East’ weather!

February 9th- Team Echium appears in an article in Garden News magazine!

February 4th- Temperatures reached highs of 15 degrees, similar to Tenerife where Echium’s thrive!

January 28th- The team found an old Victorian Rabbit trap whilst digging in the Walled Garden and old roping was recycled to make a new path

January 8th- Echium World made an appearance on Notts TV

January 6th- Their first flower plant from their heritage plant collection made an appearance

December 30th- The new path was laid in the walled garden where the old peach house was back in 1876

December 29th- Pre-orders began for Echium plants, ready by Spring

November 22nd- Bricklaying took place in the Walled Garden

November 21st- The shrub type Echium Aculeatum moved into the cool polytunnel for the Winter

November 11th- Echium World shared the fabulous news that their Echium Show Garden will open in May 2018!

November 8th- Discovery of birds starting to build nests within the plants

October 12th- A bee feast took place amongst the Echiums, in October!

October 9th- A big stone ball was discovered in the Walled Garden having fallen from the wall, it now sits after some very heavy lifting, as a feature in the Echium garden

September 25th- The rain came down but the team kept planting

August 10th-  A hummingbird came to visit the Echium team and they were able to film the amazing moment

July 31st- After a lot of hard work digging, a new border starts to appear

June and July 2017- Echium World come to Thoresby and are given the keys to one the most secretive beautiful locations at Thoresby, The Walled Garden


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