In the first two weekends of June from 11am till 4pm, the Open Studios Notts at Thoresby took place, a series of events created to give visitors the opportunity to meet our Thoresby Studio artists and discover their work and practices.

Not only did we have our Thoresby studio artists Michelle Holland and Alexandra Parkinson demonstrating their artistic flair during both weekends, the Sherwood Forest Wood-Firing Society fired up their kiln and showed visitors how they made beautiful pieces of pottery.

This also included Raku sessions, Raku is a process where pots are fired in an outside gas kiln to 1000 degrees C, and then placed into a bucket of combustible materials which is what gives it the unique Raku finish.

The Notts Open Studios takes place every year in May and June and so we look forward to next year where we hope to include more Thoresby Studio Artists to the programme.